The Pale Cat

We were roaming around for hours without spotting nothing else than herbivores, at one point we took a small lateral road, a car approached us and announced that there is a cheetah far away in the bush.

It took us some time to find it, under some trees was laying a long silhouette, we enjoyed that almost invisible cat for a while, the cheetah did absolutely nothing, that was its nap. No one was around.

Half an hour later they decided to move, yes, they, because there were two cheetahs in the bush, few meters far away one from the other. 

Adrenaline was high, they start walking toward us ignoring us, I shoot some more pictures, then the angle changed, soon I changed the lens of the camera, head up and at least 10 cars were blocking us and our view. 

I know this is normal during a safari but I stopped shooting and just hoped the animals would disappear soon, it took a few seconds more for them to vanish in the bushes. 

This picture represents my first cheetahs and my intimate encounter with them. 

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